About DiffRhythm

The What.

The name DiffRhythm came from my wish to utilize my many diverse talents in a way that would make a difference in the community; through creating opportunities for individuals deemed as being different rhythmically from their peers, such as those on the Autism spectrum and those with mental and physical disabilities. My wife Melanie and I are passionate about being a catalyst for change in the perceptions that the differently abled see in themselves, and how the world at large views them. Everybody has the ability to make a difference, The only obstacle is finding the right outlet to let them shine. We aim to be a driving force in finding those outlets. And if they don’t exist, we’ll build them.


Tim Norton
Owner, Mentor, and Developer

The Who.

Tim Norton is a full-stack developer who has spent over thirty years as a computer technician, software/website developer, graphic artist, and business intelligence professional for many large corporations, such as Royal Bank, TD Waterhouse, Aviva Insurance, Canadian Tire and The DAC Group.

He has attended multiple colleges and universities across North America and holds a Business Operations certificate from the Schulich School of Business.

While having discovered a quick instinct for computers at an early age, Tim also was constantly on the search for self development. Reading led to critical thinking and writing. Writing led to storytelling. Storytelling led to theatre. Theatre led to teaching. And teaching made him a better leader, and communicator. Adapting all of these skills together gives Tim a very unique skillset that helped him stand out, but never felt entirely appreciated in the corporate world. The ability to sincerely care for all of his customers, and the want to be directly involved in the implementation of good customer service.

After years of working in the corporate sector, Tim decided in 2021 to focus on developing relationships with the small business, home and Not-For-Profit markets. And from there, DiffRhythm was born.

Outside of work, Tim an avid volunteer and writer. He is the current President of the Rotary Club of Innisfil, and can often be found helping with Rogers TV, South Simcoe Theatre, Toastmasters, and more. His wife and him have also founded a Not-For-Profit called Beacon Place Innisfil, which aims to help get youth in bad situations into a safe and nurturing environment.